No Punt Intended NFL Divisional Matchup: Entertainment Buddhacast Ep.131

After some technical difficulties and life happenstances, Justin and I return in time for the Divisional matchup of the 2016/17 NFL playoffs. That’s right folks, after Brock Osweiler manhandled the Raiders and third-string-rookie Connor Food Preparer, the Texans are rumbling their way to Foxborough. Sure the spread might be one of the largest in playoff history (Pats are favored by 16), but maybe Ossie and company are finding their stride? No? Okay, forget it.

In other news, the Steelers annihilated the Dolphins like the Japanese did in that one South Park episode, as Le’veon Bell ran amuck while Big Ben and Antonio Brown played catch like they were only ones on the field. Next week’s matchup is bound to be tougher as they travel to Kansas City where Andy Reid has plastered “Do Not Serve Steelers” signs all over the local Bar-B-Que joints.

In NFC action, the poor Lions suffered at the literal hands of Paul Richardson as the Seahawks added to the Lions playoff woes. The last time the Lions won a playoff game, I was 6, a gallon of gas was $1.12, and The Simpsons was in the midst of its second season. Yeeesh. With that win, Seattle gets to travel to Atlanta and face the NFL’s most potent offense headlined by MVP-candidate Matt Ryan and superstar Julio Jones.

In the other NFC game, Aaron Rodgers did Aaron Rodgers things while Eli Manning did Eli Manning things, so the Packers won. Now the Packers take their cheese to Dallas to battle the NFC juggernauts lead by rookie sensations Dak Prescott and Ezekiel “FEED ME” Elliott. Aren’t the playoffs great?

Along with our picks for this weekend, Justin and I discuss alternative options to the Nintendo Classic, things happening in the comic world, and a range of other topics that happened to pop into our heads throughout the discussion.

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