No Punt Intended NFL Podcast Week 1 Picks – Buddha-cast Ep. 64

If you missed our season picks last week, you can check it out here.

Week 1 is here, and Justin and I make our picks with the addition of the over/under lines for each game. We also spend some time picking our favorite and least favorite games, though it’s week 1 of a new season, so every game is going to be fun to watch, right Browns/Jets and Panthers/Jaguars? Right?!?

There’s some great matchups this week, including the Steelers/Patriots game Thursday night, which is the first time two multiple Super Bowl winning QBs face off to start the season. We’re both anxious to see just what the Eagles offense will be like this season, and should get a good shot at showing it off against an expectedly weak Falcons defense on Monday night.

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