No Punt Intended NFL Season Recap – Entertainment Buddha-cast Ep. 95

After sixteen regular season games and four rounds of playoffs, the Denver Chicken Parms reigned supreme in an offensively-challenged championship. The two defenses racked up a Super Bowl record 12 sacks (7 for Denver, 5 for Carolina), while Peyton Manning put together the worst statistical performance by a Super Bowl winning QB. Sure it wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win is a win. Plus if he would’ve had a better performance, he probably would’ve won MVP, which means HE would’ve been buying the beer instead of Von Miller. So there’s that.

Justin and I recap on some of the bets that hit during the game, our thoughts in general, and whether or not the NFL can ever explain what a catch is. Naturally there’s also discussion around comics, movies, and TV, so make sure to check it out, and we’ll be back next season. Have no fear though, we here at EB will keep the casts coming, so make sure to subscribe on iTunes.

You can download the episode on iTunes, listen in the sound bar below, or watch the wavy lines that take their inspiration from Peyton’s arm.


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