No Punt Intended NFL Week 16 Picks – Entertainment Buddha-cast Ep. 87

Well things weren’t looking so good for the Giants on Sunday. Not only have their playoff hopes dimmed more than the ambiance at a fancy restaurant, but Odell Beckham Jr. got himself suspended for a game for his antics. If you were busy shopping for the holidays and missed the action, then proceeded to not see it on social media because you’re still trying to avoid Star Wars spoilers, here’s the clip:–pKgz6_Gb8

How Beckham didn’t get ejected for that hit (1:54 in the video above), we’ll never know, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating on it. With this display of alpha male testosterone, everything else in week 15 got a bit buried. AJ McCarron became the first Alabama QB to win an NFL game since Jeff Rutledge did it for the Giants in 1987, which was also the same year that this song was a hit:

The Pats won, the Seahawks continue their hot streak, the Chargers and Rams may have played their final game in their current cities, and Dallas is starting Kellen Moore at QB for the rest of the season, because who would’ve thought Matt Cassell wasn’t going to work out?

As for our week 15 picks, Justin hit 8-7-1 against the spread with a matching record for the over/unders, while yours truly went 7-8-1 and 9-6-1. With two weeks left in the season I hold a slim three game lead for overall record (against the spread), and while we never figured out a friendly wager, bragging rights are at stake. Speaking of steak, our discussion veers into a tangent about Chicago deep dish pizza and Philly cheesesteaks, and Justin lets the world know that he’s got a few grievances he’d like to air in honor of the Festivus holiday.

Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, listen in the sound bar below, or watch the happy lines dance the night away in the YouTube video above. Be sure to check back next week as we review our week 16 results and pick that always weird week 17. Happy Festivus!


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