No Punt Intended NFL Week 5: Entertainment Buddhacast Ep. 115

Due to some technical issues, our picks for week 4 failed to see the light of day. This turned out to be a good thing, because the picks were terrible. I mean, not terrible…Justin and I were both undefeated last week, it’s just too bad there’s no proof…

Anyway, we’re back for week 5 with no issues. As per usual, we discuss week 4, which included a shellacking of Kansas City by Pittsburgh. The Jags won the It’s Too Early For Football matchup against the Colts in London, which featured stellar performances by…um…well the fans had fun. Other notes from week 4 include the Pats’ first loss of the season courtesy of a shutout by Rex Ryan’s Bills, but now Brady returns in full BRADY SMASH mode against the Cleveland Brick Walls. It’s here that I’d mutter “poor Cleveland”, but they just won a championship four months ago, so whatever. People around the NFL are warning others like the corner kids spotting Omar.

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