No Time To Explain Remastered Shine in New Trailer

Indie game developer tinyBuildGAMES just released an insane multiplayer trailer for No Time To Explain Remastered. Between character designs and gameplay, the new trailer showcases a brilliant sense of chaos, intrigue, and pure fun.

Originally released as a Flash game in 2011, No Time To Explain was tinyBuildGAMES’ first display of their potential as a development team. A good amount of praise was garnered for the game, eventually leading tinyBuild to a deal with Microsoft for a remastered release.

Coming July 17th, No Time To Explain Remastered will release on Xbox One and Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux). In addition to the anarchic gameplay shown above, tinyBuild added a slew of new content with their new funding (which they portray so humorously on their website):

  • USE THE POWERFUL FUTURE CANNON as a gun AND a jetpack!
  • Up to 4 player local co-op!
  • PLAY AS NEW CHARACTERS to blast, beam, slingshot and catapult yourself through fire, acid and fairy-cakes!
  • TEST YOUR GUN-GLIDING MASTERY: 60 wearable hats hidden around these levels, but where are they?
  • FACE OFF against giant monsters from alternate timelines, including the most horrific of all: your evil alternate self!
  • Discover why games are art!
  • Dozens of hats!
  • Controller support
  • Full resolution artwork
  • Up to 4-player multiplayer for the whole campaign
  • All-new soundtrack (including original tracks)

Oh, and not to mention: If you’ve already gotten the game on Steam (which has since been removed from the store to make room for the remastered version), you get the new game for free. Pretty wicked.


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