Nothing Like Watching Kittens Get Shot by Lasers

Before you go nuts and turn me into the ASPCA for animal abuse, please note that this video is using fake lasers.  Honestly, if you couldn’t figure that out, I’m not even sure how your able to read this, but you never know these days.  Some people are extremely dense!  I don’t support animal abuse, not that this is abuse, but I just want to get that out there.  I actually like animals more than most humans, and cats are awesome.  Now that I have that out of the way I’d like to say this is one of the funniest/cutest kitten videos of all-time.

Yes, I have a sensitive side even though I’m part caveman like the rest of the males on Earth.  I just couldn’t stop laughing while watching these kittens get blasted by a fake laser, which would instantly stun them to the ground upon being hit.  I’m guessing kittens may have a hard time walking on their own at first, but the way this video is shot and edited with digital lasers, it totally looks like someone is standing off screen and zapping these little guys.  Check it out below.  You’ve been wanting to get one of these laser guns since your first viewing of Star Wars…

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