Nova Decarboxylator From Ardent Review

Before I get into this review of an herbal decarboxylator I must clarify that this review isn’t about the science behind the process, it’s about the Nova from Ardent and how it works. I’m also not a scientist, so I didn’t have the tech required to test the various levels of the chemicals after decarboxylation, so I can only report on how the products performed after going through this heating process. Although, if you believe in homeopathic treatments, and use natural supplements and generally agree with their benefits, you’ll more than likely buy into what this process can do for herbal medical treatments, namely in the form of medicinal marijuana. With that being said, I still encourage you to read about decarboxylation, which is a process that can ensure your herbs are providing exact dosages of the medicine those promise they can provide.

In terms of the Nova Decarboxylator from Ardent I can report that it is a very easy to use and a set-it-and-forget-it type of device. For anyone that has tried to perform this process on their own with just items in their kitchen, you know that it’s not an exact science, so having a device that gives you piece of mind is key. No one wants to waste their herbal medicine by heating it for too long, or not long enough, so the Nova allows you to know that your medicine will decarb perfectly in two hours or less. Plus, if you believe in the science of decarbing herbal medicine, then you’ll know that you’ll be getting the purest and most accurate dose of the chemicals in the plant that you want to take for whatever is ailing you. You can easily dole out exact dosages of the herb in pill form, smoking form, and edible form after it has been decarbed, which allows patients to not overdose, or under-dose for that matter.

Again, the Nova works magic when it comes to giving patients the peace of mind they’re seeking with their herbal treatments without needing a science degree, or an expensive technological device. All you need is an open outlet to plug the Nova into, and you’re ready to start getting scientific with your medicinal herbs. It’s that easy to use the Nova. You simply plug it in, fill it with up to 14 grams of medicinal herbs (in bud form), and then hit the only button on the device. After that you can walk away and forget about it, for the most part. You don’t have to worry about making sure the temperature is perfect because the device does that for you based on the environment you have it in, as well as the amount of product you loaded into it. You really just need to come back and check on it after approximately 75 – 120 minutes. Even then the device will automatically stop heating your product after it runs through a cycle, so there really isn’t a need to worry about overheating it.

Although, I would have preferred if the Nova just simply turned off at the end of a cycle. As it is built it has no On/Off button, so the only way to truly power it down is to physically unplug it. Even after it completes a cycle the Nova stays fairly warm, so I felt that this cool down heat could potentially impact the decarb process if you forgot about it and didn’t return to turn the device off for hours after it finished decarbing your medicine. Considering that there is no exact cook time I would always set a timer on my watch to make sure I was around to gauge the final moments of the decarbing. It would have been nicer to literally set it and forget it and have it turn off automatically at the end of a cycle, but even as it stands there still isn’t a ton of guesswork that goes into using the Nova.

After being decarbbed I did find the herb to taste cleaner if that makes any sense. The skunk smell was a bit tempered and it almost smelled like freshly washed laundry, in a good way that is. In terms of taste it also was cleaner in vape form, and didn’t taste as earthy as herb that hasn’t been decarbed. I also found that I could eat the herb directly and derive benefits from it, so you could definitely make your own home grown pills using this device with your medicinal herbs.

If you’re an herbal medicine patient and have only been using items found in your home to try and decarb on your own, then you should definitely look into the Nova from Ardent. For $210 you get a device that takes all of the guesswork out of this scientific process, while also providing you with the knowledge that you’re getting exact dosages out of your herbs without having to guess. You can pick up the Nova today directly from Ardent.


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Review Statement: The author of this review was provided a sample by the manufacturer for the purposes of this review.

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