Now This Means War! Terrorists Confessed to Using Sega Cartridges as Bombs!

I was never a big fan of this whole “War on Terrorism” campaign that started back in the early days of the “W” era mainly because it is ultimately useless.  These fanatics hate us even more since we started hunting them down all over the Middle East, so just like the “War on Drugs” campaign, this terror war is achieving nothing but lost life and massive debt.  Although, I think my tune is about to change.

I recently learned that these same terrorists have not only been killing innocent people, but they’ve been using old videogames to do it!  What a crime against humanity!  Yeah innocent people getting snuffed out by terrorists is a major bummer, but the thought of these scumbags using videogame cartridges to do it just breaks my heart.  Supposedly, some of the terrorists who were involved in 9/11 have recently told their captors that they would use old Sega videogame cartridges as remote detonators for bombs.  From what I could make out the carts looked very similar to the ones used with  the Sega Genesis.  Talk about a crime against humanity!  I’m all about thinning the population (Albeit in a different fashion than terrorism), but I will not stand for the destruction of videogames.

With this new information in hand I’m officially joining the war on terror!  These criminals need to be brought to justice for their indiscretions with old videogames.  I mean what did these Genesis games do to deserve being turned into a weapon of destruction?  Besides having sh*tty 16-bit graphics they’ve done nothing to warrant such a death.  Make sure to call your public officials to renew your support in the war on terror, because now Al-Queda is making it personal with us geeks.  You’ve been shown the ugly truths of terrorism…

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