Nyko Offering Modular Charger for Xbox One and Charge Kit for PS4

Nyko has released two new controller charging solutions for gamers, one for the Xbox One, as well as one for the PS4.

The X1 version will have battery packs
The X1 version will have battery packs

Both of the new devices are meant to be integrated with the consoles thanks to their modular designs that allow them to be placed next to the game machines to keep them looking clutter free. It should be noted that the Xbox One version of the charger will actually house rechargeable battery packs that can be used with the Xbox One controller, while the PS4 version only features retractable USB cables that can be used to charge your controllers while you play, or after you put the PS4 to sleep.

The Xbox One modular charge station can be seen below. It is pretty cool that it integrates with the lines of the console making it look like an actual extension of the machine. This charger retails for $29.99, and can be purchased today from Amazon.


The PS4 version also maintains the sleek lines of the PS4 console, which you can see below, but it will not feature any sort of battery packs or attachments for the DualShock 4, rather they will be charged through the two retractable USB cables. This unit is also available from Amazon and retails for $19.99, but it is currently out of stock.


Additional images can be found below for each modular charge station.


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