Do you find that when you are mid-game, kicking ass on your shiny new PlayStation 4 that you end up dying because the controller decides, nah, time to sleep? Well, the kind folks at Nyko have a treat for you!

In standard Nyko fashion, the Power Pak will offer a sleek design with a powerful energy punch. This product will give gamers double the time to play their favorite games at a nice price to boot thanks to the extended battery pack for the DualShock 4 controller.

Nyko PowerPak Packshot
Nyko Power Pak Packshot

As the image shows, the controller does not appear massively disfigured with the addition of the Nyko Power Pak, so the product offers a discreet and comfortable solution to those with battery woes. At the low price of $19.99, the Nyko Power Pak is a must have addition to the PlayStation 4. Listed below are the products main features:

  • Doubles the battery capacity of the standard DualShock 4 controller
  • Pass-through Micro USB port allows users to easily recharge both the controller and Power Pak through a standard Micro USB cable.
  • Fully compatible with Nyko’s Charge Base for PS4.
  • Dedicated power switch enables users to decide when they need extra juice.


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