Nyko’s 3.5″ Data Bank Dock for the Xbox One Eliminates the Need to Upgrade Consoles

Nyko is a well known brand in gaming when it comes to accessories for consoles in particular. While at E3 2015 I met with a representative from the company to check out a few of the new products being designed for the Xbox One and PS4, and I came away impressed over a few of the new hardware add-ons that Nyko has in store for gamers.

3.5″ Data Bank Expansion for the Xbox One


I was most impressed with the 3.5″ Data Bank Expansion Dock for the Xbox One, which will allow you to install an additional 3.5″ HDD for the Xbox One without taking apart the console itself. The $39.99 device seamlessly integrates with the Xbox One’s form factor, and connects to the back of the console using a USB port. What makes this dock so much more less cumbersome than say even the one for the PS4 is the fact that you don’t have to take apart your existing Xbox One to gain additional storage. Unlike the PS4 version, which does replace the built-in HDD, the Data Bank for the Xbox One just adds an additional drive to your system. This allows for your current drive to remain untouched, so you don’t have to worry about reinstalling existing games and saves. Once installed you will just have a new storage location show up in the Xbox One’s system interface, which you can then in turn use for game downloads and installs, apps, movies, and any other downloadable content you can find for the all in one entertainment device.


The Data Bank’s ability to use any 3.5″ HDD will make upgrading your Xbox One’s storage a very economical affair too. Rather than buying a brand new Xbox One with a 1TB drive for $400 you could spend the $39.99 for the Data Bank, and then another $100 or so to add more than 1TB of storage, and this can all be done plug and play style, no tools required.

Once installed the Data Bank sits on top of the console and blends in with its lines and style, thanks to Nyko’s attention to detail when it comes to the overall look and feel of the drive extension. It does add a bit of height to the Xbox One if you leave it on top of the console, but there appeared to be enough cable length to set it on the side if you have a tight space in your entertainment center to shove your Xbox One into.


For its price and functionality I don’t see a cheaper option for adding massive amounts of storage to your Xbox One on the fly. Installation is unobtrusive, the price is right, and in terms of style it won’t seem out of place when installed on your console. There isn’t an official release date set for the 3.5″ Data Bank Expansion for the Xbox One, but Nyko is committed to releasing it sometime later on in 2015, so I would anticipate an early fall release at the earliest.

Xbox One Type Pad


In addition to checking out the Data Bank for the Xbox One I also checked out the new Nyko Type Pad for the Xbox One controller, and it is also an impressive feeling and looking accessory. The coolest feature of the Type Pad is its top right corner nub-stick, which can be used for menu navigation, and for the fact that it has dedicated “@” and “.com” buttons, both of which will come in handy while you share content on social networks directly from the Xbox One.


The accessory also doesn’t require its own power, and it will allow for mics and headsets to be plugged directly into it, so you can continue to chat or listen to your game in style with this thing installed. The buttons are also nice and mushy feeling, so there’s no doubt you’ll be able to thumb-type in style while chatting with friends on the Xbox One.


Final pricing will range from $29.99-$39.99, and Nyko expects it to ship sometime this holiday season, so if you’ve been needing a type pad solution for the Xbox One, make sure to let Santa know what’s you’d like to see under the Christmas tree this year.


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