Occult Noir: The Darkside Detective Now on Steam Greenlight

Francis McQueen, The Darkside Detective’s protagonist, is a man of unique talents.

The sole member of Twin Lake’s ‘Darkside Division’, Detective McQueen is responsible for investigating the strange paranormal happenings that seem to keep popping up in the city.

The Darkside Detective is built upon an interesting premise. With influences that seem to stem from both Twin Peaks and The X-FilesThe Darkside Detective is positioned to bring the gaming world unique storytelling, as McQueen’s investigations find the detective tackling tough cases with a supernatural twist. Billed as a series of ‘micro-adventures’, The Darkside Detective will feature numerous occult-based investigations that can be easily digested by players.


Developers Paul Conway and Christopher Colston created a prototype of The Darkside Detective this past November as part of the Galway Game Jam, feverishly putting the build together in 8 hours. Upon posting a demo of the game, Conway and Colston found that their project was an instant hit, motivating the pair to flesh The Darkside Detective into a full title.

Now, The Darkside Detective is primed to bring McQueen to a massive audience.

On Friday, The Darkside Detective launched on Steam Greenlight, where members of the community can vote for the game to be made available on the digital distribution giant’s main store page.

More information regarding The Darkside Detective, as well a playable demo of an investigation, can be found on the game’s official website.


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