‘Octahedron’ From Square Enix Collective and Demimonde is Now Available

The psychedelic action-adventure game from Square Enix Collective and Demimonde is now available to own on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC! This game appeared at EGX to radical acclaim. Not only does the gameplay well, but the style is unmatched to other games in this genre. The trailer brings the colors to life for this unique title, so make sure you check that out. Below is a full release with some information for the game itself, check that out then get to your nearest console and scoop up Octahedron as soon as possible.

About Octahedron:

” Square Enix Collective is excited to reveal that Octahedron – the 2D vertical action platformer by indie studio Demimonde – will bring its kaleidoscope of colour to PS4, Xbox One and Steam for PC . Having joined Square Enix Collective back in September, Octahedron’s psychedelic adventure garnered praise aplenty after appearing at the UK’s biggest video games expo – EGX in Birmingham’s NEC Arena – that same month, with its rhythm-synced action housed within handcrafted levels proving rather addictive for those eagerly waiting in line. Octahedron’s electric 2D world charges players with creating their own platforms in quick time to progress, escaping from the strange subterranean world of Veetragoul and fighting back against peculiar enemies out to take you down in the process. It’s a highly charged encounter, running at a smooth 60fps and brilliantly synced with a soundtrack created by popular video game composer Chipzel and trance producers Andre Sobota and Derek Howell, amongst others. “Platform games have been around forever, and it’s very hard to create anything new in this genre – but Octahedron stands out as a game that looks, and feels, fresh, and you really have to play it to understand why” says Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Publishing at Square Enix West. “It’s captivating. Watching people play the game for the first time at events like EGX has highlighted for me why we’re so excited about launching it this March: The combination of the soundtrack working in tandem with the colours on screen really engages people in a way few other games can manage.” Marco Guardia, the man behind the action, has also brought his musical prowess into play, contributing his own tracks to the soundtrack after making his name as one half of Swiss trance act Flutlicht back in 2001. “Octahedron brings together two of my greatest loves; video games and music, ” offers Guardia. “I’ve been making electronic music and working in sound engineering for a long time, and bringing that experience to the work I do today is something truly special. It’s also been genuinely exciting to see players of all ages – some of whom wouldn’t necessarily be into trance music or even 2D platformers – really get to grips with the fast-paced action right in front of my eyes at events like EGX. It has highlighted to me that Octahedron’s appeal is broader than even I’d anticipated.” Octahedron will launch on PS4, Xbox One and Steam for PC on Tuesday 20 March 2018. “

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