Octomom Finally Feels Like a POS

It’s about time isn’t it?  Here’s another severely disturbed person who became famous for being a scumbag.  First off, the doctor who allowed this single mom to receive treatments for fertility after already having 6 kids should lose his license.  Talk about a predator.  I thought MD’s were supposed to be held to some sort of moral standards?!?

At some point if a patient like Octomom walks in to your office you have to do the right thing and say, “NO you psycho bitch, I won’t plant 8 more humans into your uterus, you already have way too many kids that are dredges on society!”

Judgement aside, Nadya Suleman is finally regretting her decisions to have 14 kids.  She appeared on Oprah yesterday and expressed her guilt over having so many children for selfish reasons, and the fact that she can’t really provide for them, or give them all equal attention.  Talk about a day late and a dollar short!  How F’d up are these 14 kids going to be?

Honestly, do they have any chance at all at becoming productive members of society?  I highly doubt it, too bad these kids weren’t born in China.  Instead they’re going to suffer the same fate as the Gosselins, and grow up reality TV rejects with no sense of how to be normal human beings.

You’ve been enlightened…

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