The Oddworld series has always seemed like something that was kinda niche to me until I check out this trailer. I had no idea that the series had sold 15 million units so far, that is absolutely batshit crazy. Soulstorm is also apparently the second game in a pentalogy of games, the first of which was New N’ Tasty, which was a remake of the original game.

The new game will boast some kind of crafting system, along with the series staples of puzzle-solving and avoiding being gunned down. The game looks visually stunning for being a pretty early trailer, too, I can see suddenly why people like it so much.

It’s important that games like this thrive in the current gaming ecosystem where “live-services” are the hot thing for AAA devs. It needs to be known that quality games like this can still make money and that people really like them! Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think and if you’re a fan of the series!

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