Of Course There’s a Dragon Quest Builders Day One Edition

Dragon Quest Builders looks like someone decided to take the blocky body of Minecraft and fuse it with the long-silent heart of Dark Cloud.

Sure, it’s got the venerable Dragon Quest name attached to it — and the character designs (slimes and all) are a lovely callback — but everything about Dragon Quest Builders seems to be a departure from the long-running RPG franchise. Somehow though, Dragon Quest Builders looks pretty good.

If the notion of building up villages, exploring, and taking on goofy-looking monsters appeals to you, Dragon Quest builders might be worth you time. Set to release on October 11 for the PlayStation 4, Dragon Quest Builders publisher Square Enix promises that the game will contain an “immersive…story and world to explore…with the freedom of sandbox gameplay.”

In addition to the newly minted Dragon Quest Builders release date, Square Enix have also announced that the game will launch with a “Day One Edition.” This version (available for pre-order now if that’s your sort of thing) will ship with exclusive materials and crafting recipes.

Check out the new Dragon Quest Builders screenshots below.


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