Offensive Combat: Redux! is a fast-paced FPS from developer Three Gates AB. In this game, you battle it out with other online players (or robots if you prefer the offline life) as a whole host of zany characters—from Drumpf and Killary to a chicken suit or a spaceman. This adds a nice feeling of freshness to different matches as you aren’t seeing the same stale character designs because each player is encouraged to customize their avatar as they see fit.

The weapon choices include comfortable classics and unfamiliar futuristic weapons. These, too, are customizable to fit your play style and, obviously, fashionable tastes.

The character customization in this game is definitely wild, to say the least. With the ability to unlock avatar pieces through currency—or through “PWN”ing other players (more on that later)—you’re encouraged to mix and match. At one point I was running around with a Donald Trump-esque head on with a banana suit body and space man legs. Since there’s no set bonus for having every piece equipped from one outfit, it actually makes players feel at ease to put on whatever they want. Go ahead and make the wackiest character you can, or stay mild. Up to you.

The overall weapon choice isn’t huge, but it’s big enough to give players some variety and feels fairly well balanced. I noticed a lot of players favoring the sidearms over the primary weapons, which is slightly concerning to me. If something meant to be a backup weapon is being used primarily, there seems to be a need for some rebalancing of weapons.

I did, however, enjoy that the grenade launcher didn’t seem particularly unfair to use in a match as the grenades move a tad slower than expected. This requires players to actually think when using this weapon rather than just being able to lob a giant “screw you” in any direction and most likely get a kill.

They should also advertise the weapon tree a tad more since I had no idea it existed until about six matches into the game.

The matches flow smoothly and the controls are adequate. Offensive Combat uses the same mapping as most keyboard shooters, so that familiarity is nice. I mean, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? I definitely didn’t have any problems with the gameplay and I never felt cheated by the controls not doing exactly what I wanted. Weapons handled as well as expected, and after getting my bearings I was able to start racking up kills and PWNs like a champ.

One of the unique mechanics of the game is being able to PWN (or taunt) your felled opponent for points, and, depending on the PWN, certain avatar unlocks. There are different PWNs to unlock through the store with in-game currency. Both types can be earned just by playing the game; no micro transactions here. That’s refreshing.

I was only able to find matches in one particular game mode (Deathmatch), but it’s quite fitting for this game. Otherwise, I played against the killer robots and explored the maps (which is a fantastic feature) to familiarize myself with the battlegrounds before launching headlong into the fray.

The game launched with six levels, and more are in the works. The levels are well designed, some of them having nice verticality for players who prefer a more long range approach. There’s also multiple ways to get to those vantage points, though, so the opportunistic snipers must watch their backs. The maps definitely had me on my toes as there are tons of passageways to be caught off guard by, or to catch someone off guard in. From a level set in a volcano to a knock off of Nuketown (named “Probe Town”), the levels prove to be just as wild as the characters in them and will provide you with a challenge.

Offensive Combat: Redux! will definitely be a breath of fresh air for casual FPS players as there is no rush to level up. There are no skills to unlock. It’s just you and your weapons.

I definitely had a positive experience with this game and would recommend you pick it up if you’re looking for a fun, casual shooter—especially while it’s on sale for $17.99 (until August 25); and, even then, the standard $19.99 price isn’t so bad.


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Offensive Combat: Redux!

Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 6
Sound - 7.5
Entertainment Value - 7.5


Lighthearted FPS

Overall this game is a good time to be had for all. Fun mechanics and solid gameplay make for a good time, but don't expect the world from this game because it's only an online shooter that has six maps currently.

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