Oh No! – Big Business to Use Gaming For Increased Sales

You have to love capitalism and its sense to make a buck using anything in its power to do so.  Look at what has happened to Facebook and Twitter once big business realized their potential to sell.  Everyone and their Moms now use those services once viewed as trendy and new to the teens who first used them.  It’s amazing to hear professional news casters and actors say, “Don’t forget to check such and such out on Facebook and Twitter”

Doesn’t that usually signal when something isn’t cool anymore?  You know, when it becomes mainstream.  Well an Entertainment Buddha Disciple sent me an article that may signal the beginning of capitalism’s rape of gaming.  That’s right, some experts are projecting that incorporating certain thrills of gaming, like owning a high score, may be used to promote teeth brushing or other daily tasks.

The sad thing is I can see this type of gaming marketing becoming successful.  I’d love to be the number 1 tooth brusher in all the world.  We all have that desire to be the best at something.  Why not make a game out of taking a dump?  You could track the force of the poop hitting the water with special sensor equipped toilets, or how many wipes it takes to clean your asshole out.  I can see little Johnny telling his Mom how he not only owns the most explosive shit record, but he just beat some guy in Indonesia for the fewest wipes of the ass to get it free of excrement.

I would say that the changing of the guard is finally taking place in big business.  The Baby Boomers are on their way out, and the more techno savvy generations are moving in.  I guess in a way it’s a good thing, but I don’t want my gaming habit to bleed over into my daily tasks because some geek knows it’s a cheap way to sell more product.  Oh well, only time will tell if The Entertainment Buddha will sit atop the Leaderboards for teeth cleaning or other bathroom related tasks.

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [CNN]


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