Oh The Joys of Gaming Are Enough to Cause a Stroke

I’m the type of gamer that may take my hobby too seriously.  I’ve been known to throw, bite, spit on, and smash controllers, as well as spew nasty filth out of my mouth that makes me sound possessed.  Unfortunately, this behavior may ultimately lead to my demise, but it’s all a result of my sadistic love for the challenge that video games present to us.  I know I’m not alone in my behavior while gaming, but it’s hard to catch other gamers in the act of blowing up over a particular game.  Luckily, with the invention of smartphones, and friends secretly recording their friends acting up, we can now see how other gamers react while playing their favorite games.

I found one in particular that makes some of my blow ups look G-rated, but be warned, it’s definitely NSFW!  This gamer is reacting to a NBA game, which like most sports games gets a little cheap at times.  These moments obviously are getting under this gamer’s skin, and he reacts appropriately for a caveman.  Make sure to put the children to bed before you watch this one though, because this dude liberally uses curse words like they’re going out of style.  Check it out below.  You’ve been needing to relax, it’s just a game…

Gamer Goes Nutty Over NBA2K11

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