Old School SSX Trails Coming to New School SSX via DLC

I freaking love the new SSX game that came out in February, but some of the series’ long time fans were a little upset with the new direction some of the game modes took.  I have to agree with them on some of their points, such as the fact that you can suddenly find yourself jumping off of a cliff to your death rather than landing some huge air tricks like you expected, but overall I absolutely love the game.  Well, EA has taken some of the old school fan reaction to heart, and will address their needs in a new DLC pack.

On May 1st SSX gamer can download the SSX Mt. Eddie Pack & Classic Characters Bundle Pack for $7.99, or $5.99 if you buy them individually.  Mt. Eddie will feature 9 new drops that closely resemble some of the runs featured in SSX Tricky.  The new characters will be a mix of fan faves from SSX Tricky and SSX 3.  If you’ve been wanting some old school SSX devoid of Survive It challenges and the other new modes, then this DLC will be your chance to wax nostalgic!  You’ve been needing to pwn more of your friend’s SSX records…


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