Older Gamer Schools Younger Gamer in the Art of the Boomshakalaka posted a great bit involving the moment a gamer realizes that his/her skills are out of date.  There are times where I definitely feel like I’m losing my touch with certain games these days.  I seem to be receiving nuts in my mouth more often than dipping them into someone else’s when I play FPS multiplayer games with the younger gamers.  These little homophobic racist bast*rds grew up on FPS games unlike my generation, which had to roll with 8 and 16 bit consoles when we first started gaming.

That’s why I love the nostalgia and simplicity that NBA Jam HD has brought to my life.  Finally, I can get back to playing a game that only requires a few buttons to execute some awesome maneuvers that this younger generation has never seen before.  This is the same feeling realized in this bit by the older uncle who is tired of getting pwned by his nephew in the next-gen arena.  Check out his vindication below, and don’t forget to take in how awesome his skidz pants are.  You’ve been loving some NBA Jam…

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