One Night at The Legend of Zelda Symphony Experience

I will be the first to admit that the only Zelda game that I have ever played has been on the classic Nintendo system. Yes, I am talking about The Legend of Zelda. Gamers, please do not judge me for that, I am working on catching up on decades worth of Zelda games. The classic 16-bit theme has been embedded to my brain since I was a young girl. Over time the 16-bit music from a game that came out in 1986 has evolved and grown into something truly special.

Before seeing The Legend of Zelda Symphony, I had no idea what to expect. I knew that I was going to enjoy it, but I did not think that I was going to be moved by music as much as I was. Let me start off by saying that the conductor, Amy Andersson is a total badass. She wasn’t dressed like most conductors I have seen in the past. Andersson simply wore a suit jacked that had the right amount or shimmer to it and rocked some leather pants. Again, this is what not what you expect to see from a conductor.

The orchestra started playing while images from the various Zelda games were being projected on a screen. This is where my heart strings began to be pulled because I was immediately transported into another world watching these wonderful images while the orchestra is playing. There were a few moments during the opening that made me tear up because I never knew what these games meant to anyone, especially my husband who has grown up playing every single Zelda game that has come out since 1986. As the show went on, there going to be plenty of other moments that stood out and made me very, very emotional.

The pivotal moment for me during the symphony was when the orchestra started playing the music of the opening scene in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was here when I was truly moved learning the true meaning of the Triforce. Din is the goddess of power, Nayru is he goddess of wisdom, and Farore is the goddess of courage. These three goddesses created the world of Hyrule that many gamers have come to love. I used think that it was just a symbol that came together by unlocking many, many dungeons in various Zelda games. Now knowing that the Triforce is compiled of three goddesses made see why this game is so beloved by a great deal of people.

Once I left the show, I felt my heart was filled with joy and hope. I say that because the world we live in right now is dark. It is easy to lose hope when all you hear and read about is terrible things happening in your country and the world, but the Triforce represents some much more that just a symbol for a game. It represents hope for some that during these dark time, if the Triforce really existed that someone with a pure heart would wish all the darkness from the world and there would only be joy.

It may sound naive to some or down right childish, but there is nothing wrong with having a little hope. it just means that things are going to get better and will always get better. If your hope is to have the courage to be yourself or hope to have the power to stand up for what you believe in, it just means you carry the Triforce within you.


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