OnLive Gaming Cloud Coming to iPads and Android Tablets This Fall

OnLive is one of the more successful Cloud based gaming services, and now it’s headed to the tablet space with the iPad and Android versions scheduled to launch this Fall.  OnLive allows gamers to stream high-end PC games to their Macs/PCs without the need for an expensive console.  Through a subscription you can have access to many games that may not run on your feeble system, so rather than drop tons of cash on upgrading hardware, all you have to do is plug the small OnLive unit into your TV!

This is all that OnLive Requires to Play on Your TV

Considering how the Cloud in general is gaining steam on all types of platforms I’d say OnLive’s technology is ready to explode.  The fact that it’ll be available on Android tablets and the iPad make my claim even more legit.  Imagine being able to play Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, or another title that is as beastly as that on your iPad, or Android Tablet?  Yes please!  It’s definitely exciting tech that if successful, may bring sweeping changes to how gamers play video games.  I’m slowly becoming more interested, and the tablet announced has me excited.  Until it’s out you’ll just have to wait to see how well OnLive works on a tablet, but in the meantime you can check out the E3 OnLive demo below, which shows the system running on the Motorola Xoom.  You’ve been wanting to get in on the Cloud…

OnLive Tablet Demo at E3 2011



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