How have I never heard of Onrush before?

This game looks like a fucking blast, and after just a minute long trailer, this game is on my radar. Just from the way that all of the cars look, how they smash and bounce against each other reminds me heavily of Rocket League. It looks like there’s also some sort of power-up system but I can’t tell if it’s just boosts that you can build up or more Mario Kart style power-ups. The song used in the trailer is faintly reminiscent of some Initial D-type shit but with a modern twist and I really dig it, I would jam to this in the car for sure.

The sign of a good game is good, crazy, but fitting music, game music is real important to me, so I’m into this game maybe a little too much. I would love for this game to be as awesome as it looks and become the next big cart-style racer. Mario Kart has had it too good for too long, I wanna be blown away by this game when it comes out. Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think and if you’re excited for it as well!

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