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Onrush is one of those games where I saw the first trailer for it because I was assigned to write a news post about it and fell in love. As you can tell by the title, the first thing that I thought of when I saw it was Rocket League. This is much like that, but rather than having the ball and goals and whatnot, the main point of every mode is essentially to just go as fast as you can and blow up the enemy team by ramming them. Normally, this would get really old, really fast, even with the great music and visuals, you can only smash into people so many times before it gets boring. What keeps that from happening, however, is a variety of game modes (with more to come), and eight different classes of vehicles to choose from. They’re all very balanced, too, which encourages you to try all of them and try to adapt to every team composition.

Team composition doesn’t seem like something that really matters in a game like this at first glance, but it honestly really does. If you just have a group of offensive vehicles, you’ll be taken out left and right because there are eight vehicles and they’ve all got very different abilities. The motorcycles are small, but very fast and nimble and can easily disrupt or destroy enemy vehicles. There are vehicles that provide boost to allies nearby, or drain boost from enemies nearby (activated by using your Rush, which is like an Ult in Overwatch). Some vehicles are just about brute strength and speed, good for t-boning enemies and crushing them after a big jump. The last two vehicles are bigger and less maneuverable than the rest, but one focuses on dropping walls to slow down enemies, and the other blinds them and disables their boost.

The way that you’ll be playing this game for 99% of the time is just keeping the accelerator to the floor and boosting your way to victory. Every time you land a jump or smash into a “fodder” NPC vehicle, you gain boost, so you almost never run out. The flagship game mode is called Overdrive, where everyone on your team gains points for boosting, and you must with ⅗ rounds doing this. This encourages you to keep boosting while also taking opportunities to wreck enemies so that they lose those boosting points until they respawn. There’s also a king of the hill mode, a slalom mode, where your team must pass through gates to add time to your timer, and a “gun game” type mode. This one is probably my favorite because it actually adds stakes to getting wrecked or wrecking enemies. Everyone starts on motorcycles and when you die, you move up a vehicle size (and lose one of your three lives). When you lose all three lives, you’re permanently put into the biggest vehicle size with the sole purpose to guard your allies and wreck enemies. It’s a really fun game mode and leads to some pretty harrowing moments and close calls!

So the gameplay is awesome, what about the presentation? Well, it’s pretty god damn good, this game looks FANTASTIC, even going at blistering speeds. There are a wide variety of maps and terrains, lots of large, shallow bodies of water peppered throughout. The water splashing everywhere just kind of adds to the chaos of all of the cars and blur effects from people using their rush abilities. The dynamic weather system is fucking awesome, especially when playing online, it brings an element of surprise to every match! You think you know a map and then all of a sudden you have to play it at night time while it’s snowing like crazy. The weather effects really do mess with your vision (as they would at speeds that high) and can really lead to people who don’t know the map crashing often. It just makes everything even more batshit crazy and makes every match that much more exciting.

The online multiplayer works well, from the couple of sessions I got to play with the developers before the game came out. I never experienced any connection issues or lagging or anything, it was completely seamless. The fact that there is a lengthy single-player campaign full of challenges to take part in makes the game a nice package all-around.There really feels like there’s something for everyone here, and I really hope that this game launches to the success of a game like Rocket League because it really is a fun, well-made, polished game. I enjoyed my time playing this game immensely and will absolutely be playing it as long as I can find matches for it. If you like going fast and blowing stuff up, then this game is for you without a shadow of a doubt!


Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 8.5
Entertainment Value - 8


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Onrush is a fantastic arcade destruction derby that rewards only the most sadistic players. Supremely fun, beautiful, and addicting.

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