Open-World RPG ELEX Unveils Mystifying Mood in New Trailer

Equal parts science and fantasy, ELEX manages to create an intriguing atmosphere weaved with secrecy. Developer Piranha Bytes uploaded a new trailer showing off not only its dichotomous identity, but the game’s immense sense of scale, as well.

ELEX seems peaceful, yet dystopian; dangerous, but serene. Natural lighting makes flora and fauna alike feel approachable, however terrifying they may be. Strange, macabre creatures are scattered through oddly familiar environments, and both combine to establish a motif of harmonious difference. In this open-world RPG, mutated wildlife can do battle with large robotic suits, medieval knights coexist with cybernetic soldiers, and manmade structures thrive alongside the nature of the planet.

By balancing a variety of differential ideas, Piranha Bytes has created an interesting scenario with a unique atmosphere. If you like what you see above, consider following them on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated on ELEX’s progress.

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Zachery Bennett

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