OPSEAT Gaming Desks and Chairs Are Top-Notch – PAX East 2019

I had the opportunity to check out the OPSEAT booth at PAX East 2019, and checked out their Master and Grandmaster chairs. I also got to check out their gaming tables which are second to none, these things are a must-have if you’re serious about your PC gaming setup. The actual tabletop on these things are extremely sturdy, sleek, and perfect for using a mouse without a mousepad. I was told that if you’re playing a shooter, a mouse pad is still recommended though, since even the slightest movements/delays matter in that sense.

These guys are truly masters at their craft, these chairs are so comfortable, so supportive, breathable, and flexible. I honestly wish that I had one of these chairs to just carry around with me and plop down any time I need to sit. The aforementioned table is not only a piece of work on the tabletop, but the edge is a rounded out cushiony, textured piece of rubber. So rather than having your wrists, arms resting on a hard 90-degree angle, it’s on a smooth, soft surface. I played around a little bit while I was there, and the difference between that table, and the cheap L-desk I got on Amazon for home is night and day. Not only that, but the height is adjustable on the table, so those of us with lanky gargoyle legs like me won’t be banging our knees on it. You can get a 4ft or 6ft version, depending on how much space you have (or how big your wingspan is).

I had the chance to speak with Seth, the owner of OPSEAT, and the guy was just great to talk to. Gaming, and the industry as a whole is clearly a huge deal for him, and he had some real words of wisdom for someone like me who wants to make it a bigger part of my life. The chairs and tables that these guys produce are made for long gaming sessions, and it’s no wonder that there are so many eSports teams and streamers/personalities that are affiliated with these guys. I wish nothing but the best for Seth and his team, and I highly recommend that you guys go check out their website.

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