Optimize Your Online Gaming Experience with Outfox

Have you ever been at the cusp of an intense multiplayer match, victory is in your grasp, and then, a huge lag spike comes and ruins everything? Well, the people that have developed Outfox have planned to change this. Outfox is a program that runs in the background of your Windows PC that reroutes internet traffic through it’s own global network of 23 server locations and counting. Outfox will stabilize your connection, lower your ping times and reduce your lag, making your online gaming experience optimal. Outfox already supports some of the industry’s top online games like PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket League! 

Do you like to keep track of your ping and network statistics? Outfox will track these metrics mid game, so for games like PUBG where they don’t natively track, you can compare your Outfox connection with your regular one to decide which one you want to use. Outfox is currently in open beta for all Windows PC users. The team has been in the internet business and running their own networks for over 20 years, so you know that they’re doing something right. You can get your more information about Outfox and sign up for the beta here at their website! All it takes is firing up Outfox, starting your favorite game and the algorithm will choose the best connection for you! So, go sign up, start up some PUBG and go get that chicken dinner!

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