Original ‘Predator’ Gets a Comedic Recap With Oversized Mouthes and Dubbed Lines

The How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel has released a new Comedy Recap episode, and if you’ve never seen one before, this may be a good episode to tune into. This series takes movies and recaps them quickly by dubbing new lines of dialogue into play by having the characters’ mouthes replaced with oversized ones spewing the more cheeky lines.

In this episode of Comedy Recap, the team retells the main events of the original Predator movie, albeit with big ass mouthes and lines you may have been thinking about in your head as you watched the movie play out. It’s a fairly funny take on the Predator’s plot, and if anything else it features a fantastic Ah-nold impression, which to me is worth a watch in and of itself. If anything else, this parody will help get your mind ready for the return of the Predator franchise to theaters this Friday with the release of The Predator.

But before seeing Shane Black’s take on the franchise, make sure to relive the original by watching the comedic, re-dubbed recap above.


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