Orlando Arocena Devilishly Unveils Amazing Looking Daredevil S2 Vector Art

The King of kick-ass geek inspired vector art, Orlando Arocena, has recently updated his Behance page with an awesome line of Daredevil Season 2 vector art posters. As always Arocena’s art work is awe inspiring thanks to the sharp lines he lays down to create his fantastic vector art pieces inspired by his love of pop culture.

His Daredevil Season 2 pieces are no different from the radical art of his we’ve featured before. In total there are three pieces, but two of them are the same image, one just has some foreboding text placed over it. Either way all three pieces evoke the hard edge nature of Daredevil, and they look just as dark and brooding as the show’s tone. Head on down below to check them out.

If you like what you see you can buy Arocena’s art from his Mexifunk store, but it doesn’t look like these particular pieces are up for sale.


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