Osama Bin Laden Operation Gets Animated by NMA TV

Next Media Animation is known for doing outrageous animated renditions of actual news events, and they never miss an opportunity to put their odd spin on current events.  Their latest short takes on the Osama Bin Laden raid that has taken news agencies by storm.  I must say that NMA TV’s recreation of what exactly happened on that fateful night is nothing less than spectacular.  Not only does the cartoon showcase how U.S. forces took down the Al-Qaeda leader (Videogame style with Achievements!), but it also takes a look at Bin Laden’s future in Hell.  Let’s just say that NMA has Bin Laden being taken advantage of by some pigs while his buddies Hitler and Saddam watch.  Trust me, you have to see this peculiar spin on this most excellent news story of 2011.  You’ve been wanting to score an achievement that is worth 1 Gazillion G while taking out a terrorist leader…

Bin Laden Dead Animation (If not working try bottom link)


College Humor Link for Same Video

Newest Osama Bin Laden Animation




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