Our First Look at the Future for Nintendo

Nintendo held an investor’s meeting in Japan this week and while no earth-shattering reveals were shown off, there was some discussion about the company’s future and what fans can expect from the Big N in the next few years. As many expected, the exploration of the mobile platform is on the front of developer’s minds while the next console generation, the NX, is not too far away.

Going Mobile

It was announced last year that Nintendo would be partnering with mobile game developer DeNA to bring a number of their IPs to the mobile phone platform. Pokemon GO offered us a first glimpse into what a Nintendo game on a mobile platform could be, but the first official in-house title has been revealed as the communication app Miitomo.


Miitomo will allow players to create their own Mii avatar, much like on the Wii and Wii U and then interact with players they encounter as well as their friends. Players can pose questions to each other in the app and follow the chain of discussion. The game is hoping to bring players together and encourage them to find out more about their friends than they knew before.

While this may not be exactly what kind of Nintendo mobile game many were expecting, it is meant as the first taste of Nintendo bringing their own taste of gaming to a new platform. Miitomo is on schedule to release by March 2016 and four other games are due out by the end of March 2017.

By, Bye Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo, the points based reward service for Nintendo games, shut down earlier this year, with the promise of an alternative on the way later this year. Details were quiet for a while, but we have now learned about MyNintendo Account and what it will bring for Nintendo gamers.


Your Nintendo Account will now be housed all in the same location, right on the official website. Through this profile, players can purchase and download games to their consoles and earn their rewards. Rather than just using Nintendo IDs now, the account will be integrated with social media and email as well.

Another new update is that players will be rewarded for more than just buying games. Rewards will be offered for playing certain games, and the prizes that can be redeemed include DLC and discount coupons for digital games. This service is expected to start earlier next year.

The NX is Next

Finally, a few rumors have been circulating lately about the development of the next home console for Nintendo, known only as the NX. Nintendo has indeed begun sending out developer kits for the console, although no other details were revealed. We can expect some more info on the NX most likely at E3 2016 when it is fully unveiled to the public.


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