1. Tattoos are usually seen as a form of expression nowadays, but in some cultures they were seen as a right of passage. These days its not uncommon to see people sporting ink work on their bodies. Some are good while other are not so good. To each their own, right?

Growing up there was such a stigma surrounded around getting a tattoo. It could have meant you were in a cult or worshiped the devil. These are things ignorant people say when they don’t understand something. Needless to say as I got older I learned that tattoos weren’t a bad thing. Some of us EB staffers have some ink, but more importantly we have video game tattoos. Now before you get all judgemental on us, know there are some real stories to be told here. We are each entitled to do what we want with our bodies. This is just one way that we chose to express ourselves.

Head on down below to check out our gaming ink and the stories behind them.


There are a couple reasons why I got this tattoo. This specific tattoo is that of the Horde symbol from World of Warcraft. There is plenty of meaning to it but a couple that stand out to me. First off I’ve been playing WoW for what like 12 years now? For however long it’s been out, so while people my age were out doing other things I was inside forming friendships and saving the world. So this is a legacy to me, one that I plan on covering the left side of my body with. The Horde is special because it means pride in my people and in my family. Strength, pride and honor covet this symbol and I live by that. I love the game and everything inside it and I always will. Lok’tar Ogar! For the Horde!


I’ve been playing Minecraft since it was in alpha, it got me through some rough spots in late high school. I’ve put as much time into that game as other people do on a new toon in WoW. So I had decided I wanted it to be my first tattoo, drew it up myself, and took it to a shop to have it done. Now almost 4 years later I don’t play the game as much, but it still has a special place in my heart and I know it’s something I can always go back and still have a good time playing.


Destiny and I had a rocky start together, but it only took two expansions and a solid fireteam to solidify my love for this game. Eventually, I knew I wanted to get a Destiny tattoo. It all came down to my Warlock being Awoken and using the Stormcaller subclass that lead me to get the tattoo that I have right now. It is pure happenstance that my Warlock turned out to be a little too much like me. Without getting too personal I’ll say this; my thoughts have a way of getting the best of me. If I let them take over, then I fall into a downward spiral of never-ending self-doubt. This tattoo represents the daily struggle in which I try to keep my mental health in check.

We hope that you enjoyed reading some of our tattoo stories and please feel free to share your stories with us in the comment section below.

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Ana Febo

The author Ana Febo

Ana lives in Orlando, FL with her husband and two dogs; Miles and Jello. She is possibly a Cylon. Devoted a piece of her skin to a Destiny tattoo and has a long term plan of cosplayjng as a Bioshock Splicer or Warlock at some point. Her prized possession is an autograph from Robert Englund welcoming her to prime time. Favorite games include those mentioned above, Aladdin for SNES, losing her life to Animal Crossing and the good Resident Evil games. Saga comics are an unequivocal recommendation. She recently wrapped up yet another viewing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.