Our Soldiers Could be Getting Their HULC On Soon

Lockheed Martin is ready to start military testing on one of its newest tools of war the HULC, or Human Universal Load Carrier.  Perfect name by the way, you have to love scientific geniuses, they all have a little geek in them!  Anyway, the HULC is a wearable exoskeleton that will enable soldiers to carry up to 200lbs., as well as it’s own 53lbs of weight.

It won’t make Master Chief like soldiers with quick reflexes, bullet immunity, and moon jumping, but it will enable soldiers to remain rested while traveling with huge amounts of gear on their backs.  It’s a pretty cool concept if you think about it, although I’d be more impressed if the HULC was more like Mjolnir armor that the Spartans use in the Halo universe.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time and money.  Check out the video below, which showcases the HULC in action.  You’ve been given a new pair of legs soldier…


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Via [Engadget]


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