At first I thought I thought I was going to be watching a new trailer for The Outer Worlds, which is a game that I’m VERY excited for. After realizing it’s for a completely different game, Outer Wilds, I’m actually still very excited, this game looks very interesting. It’s somewhat of a space exploration game that’s got an underlying story, and what looks to be some kind of semblance of a story.

The game’s got a somewhat cartoony art style and deep color palette that I think will lend itself well to all the cool cosmic antics. Meteors will strike the planetoids that you’re exploring, stars (or some kind of giant blue fireball) can engulf your ship, it’s kinda scary. The thing that I like about the game is that the intimidating part doesn’t looks like any kind of spooky alien, it’s space itself.

Check out the trailer above an let us know what you think about the game!

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