OUYA Hardware Update Promises Jelly Bean OS and December Dev Kit Release

We funded the mega-popular OUYA Kickstarter campaign, so we occasionally get updates from the creators of this Android based gaming console, and the latest shows off some of the hardware and makes a few deliverable promises.  The image you see above is of the OUYA’s PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which is essentially the soul of the miniature console.  It’s size is very impressive when you consider the fact that they packed in a quad-core CPU onto a piece of silicon that is smaller than a pop can.

Outside of showing off some OUYA guts, the team also revealed the fact that they’ve decided to load the new Jelly Bean Android OS on the system to ensure that the most current version of Google’s OS is installed at launch.  This is the one fact that concerns me about the OUYA.  I just hope that they can easily update the OS, so the OUYA doesn’t suffer from fragmented software upgrades similar to what some Android smartphones experience.

Finally, the OUYA team mentioned that they’re still on track to release dev kits for their console this December.  This link should be helpful for those interested in getting to work on the new Android based gaming console.  From the looks of things it seems that the OUYA will indeed make its Spring 2013 debut, but we all know the gaming industry, so a delay may indeed occur.  For now though, it seems that the OUYA squad is putting our $8.5 million dollar investment (“Our” as in every supporter) to good use.  You’ve been hoping this thing lives up to the hype…


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