OUYA Update: OnLive Signs On and New Pics of the Controller Released

The OUYA team sent out another update today to the supporters of their Kickstarter campaign to let them know that the OnLive cloud gaming service will now be available on their Android based console.  If they pull this off correctly the OUYA just became even more of a sexy gaming alternative.  The OnLive service is home to 1000’s of videogames that stream directly to your TV by way of an intermediary device, which in this case would be the OUYA.

In addition to the OnLive news, the OUYA team also released a few new pics of the console and it’s controller.  Keep in mind when looking at these images that the console’s size is said to be no larger than a Rubix cube!  If they pull that off I’ll be impressed.  Who wouldn’t want a pocket sized gaming console?  Sh*t, you could even wear it around your neck Flavor Flav style!

As far as the controller goes it looks like a smaller sized Xbox 360 controller.  It’s almost as if a PS3 controller made love to a 360 controller, and the OUYA controller was their b*stard love child.  You can check out the new images below.  Let us know what you think about all of this new OUYA news.  You’ve been having a bad tech day…



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