Overkill Brings New Heat to FPS with PayDay: The Heist

The realm of First Person Shooters has been one of the most dominant genres in video games for the past decade.  With staples such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Medal of Honor at the forefront there is always the consistent problem of clones and the lack of vision behind such titles.  These problems leave fans with bitter taste in their mouths’ when FPSs begin to go stale.  Luckily there is always a new game to change the formula and present the world with a take on the genre that blows fans out of the water.

Overkill Software seems to walk the path of victory with their new project PayDay: The Heist.  PayDay is a four person cooperative FPS that places gamers into the shoes of four hardened criminals that are hell bent on taking money in an almost “Heatesque” fashion.  The game combines elements of tactical objectives, shootouts, crowd control, and cooperation.  If you took the objective style game play from Brink while mashing it together with Left For Dead, you may have PayDay.

Eat This Copper!

PayDay will be a downloadable title for the PC and PS3 (very sad for those of us who would die to have this kind of action on the 360).  The title will initially include 6 different heist missions, along with an advanced integration process that allows each heist to generate new task, people, and difficulty allowing for constant replay value.  The title also presents a leveling system with three different “trees” to place points into.  These trees raise ammo capacity, damage output, and accuracy.  New weapons and mods can also be unlocked and used to fit your specific play style.

Whether trading hostages for partners, taking out pesky police, or completing objectives to get to the cash the title seems to bring a fresh outlook to the world of FPS.  Keep a lookout on the title if robbing banks Pachino style catches your fancy.  I know I can’t wait to scope the title out, even if I have to get it for my PS3.  You’ve been seeking a new face to the FPS realm…

PayDay: The Heist Trailer


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