I had no idea what to expect from Overkill’s new The Walking Dead game from the trailers that I saw on it. Especially the one with the old man walking along the freeway, talking about his grandkid to the walker in the car. I assumed it would be some kind of twist on the Telltale Games TWD games, but with new characters and more action. Boy was I wrong, but in a good way, because I was pretty amped when I realized what I had gotten my hands on at E3. Turns out, the game is more like Left 4 Dead, in that it’s a 4-player co-op zombie shooter, but it doesn’t just feel like a clone of that. For one, these zombies aren’t sprinting at you like they do in L4D, they’re the walkers that you’ve come to know and love. Some are a little bit fast, but nothing crazy, and they do tend to take a little more of beating. You’re also fairly fragile, you’re not made of glass or anything, but you can get overwhelmed super easily.

You’ll be spending a lot of the game checking your corners and sneaking around smaller, cramped spaces. Each character has different physical stats too, so you really want to consider who’s leading the pack and who is pulling up the rear. There are lots of things you can change too, like your load out (remember, every character is different, so take that into consideration when you pick weapons). You can also bring tools and throwable items, like different types of grenades (found out the hard way I accidentally picked flash bangs). The tools that you pick will help cut down certain parts of the level or get you medicine/other usable items. There’s items like wire cutters, an electric jumper, and lock picks that’ll come in very handy, so make sure everyone has at least one on hand! There’s definitely a lot of micro-managing that goes on in the game between the players, making sure that everyone is properly stocked and prepared for anything.

Not only will you be fighting Walkers, you’ll be fighting hostile survivors as well, and they are DANGEROUS. They will wipe out you and your whole team because frankly, bullets and grenades hurt a lot more than scratches from zombies. The one time we did run into other people, it was a pretty tense and drawn out firefight, which only drew in more walkers and made things worse. We barely survived and continued onward to the end, but it was seriously a whole lot of fun. Don’t just write this game off as a L4D clone because it’s way tougher, requires more thought and planning, and has much less of an arcade-y feel. I highly suggest this game to fans of TWD, zombie games, and co-op games because it’s a hell of a good time, even with strangers. It’s got that weird way of sorta making you all work together even if you know absolutely nothing about each other and I like it a lot for that.

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