If you type into the Youtube search bar: “Over”, you can bet that the first or second thing that will come up is “Overwatch is dying”. The game seems to have been floundering among fans for quite some time now, but I feel like that’s about to change for the better. The Workshop, as it’s called, is basically a programming tool that’s going to let people create their own game modes and hero variations.

This is definitely an advanced user tool, but the nice thing about it is that even if you can’t do it, you can use other people’s custom game modes and whatnot. That’s what adds longevity to a game, when you let players mess with it and do all kinds of crazy stuff. So many people are chomping at the bit to unleash their creative skills on this game, and the time has come for them to shine.

Check out the video above and listen to Jeff tell you all about the Workshop!

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