‘Overwatch’ Overhauls Highlights Feature and Adjusts Loot Boxes

There are some nice changes coming to the Highlights feature in Overwatch. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, that team kill was amazing, that should totally be play of the game!” Then you reach the end of the game and some crappy D.Va ultimate got the play of the game. Well in the newest update coming to Overwatch, you’ll be able to capture your own highlights if you think they are good enough. Basically what you can do is manually capture the moments you enjoy by binding a key (or button) to the feature. If you’re on PC, you can even choose video output and make some really nice looking 4K Overwatch highlights.

Jeff goes on to talk about the new loot box function at the end of the video. They are working to try to reduce the amount of duplicates that you get out of loot boxes. To compensate for the credits you would’ve gotten for this, the team is trying to give more credits in loot boxes to make up for the loss from the duplicates. These are some really exciting updates coming to Overwatch.

Check out the Developer Update above for all of the information from Jeff Kaplan himself.

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