Overwatch’s Narrative Shines in New Animated Short: “Recall”

Anyone who’s read through the story behind Overwatch knows the staggering depth of the game’s narrative. Characters, cities, even entire cultures have been founded to create a world filled with events of past, present, and future. Recall, a new animated short by Blizzard, starts it all off with the introduction of a lovable ape (read: scientist), Winston.

In a Pixar-esque approach, Blizzard combined their notorious animation quality with more of a child-like demeanor in terms of art style. While just under eight minutes long, this animated short portrays Winston’s story in an emotionally charged production that grips you from the very beginning. His identity, style of gameplay, and underlying motive are all equally tended to to quickly create a story arc that is as genuinely intriguing as it is tastefully done.

One can only hope that each Overwatch character will get the same loving care as Winston, but it’s an asinine request to produce another twenty videos of this caliber before the game’s release in May. This short alone is worth a few repeated views — if anything could help stave any eagerness, this would be it.

Overwatch comes out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 24th, while those who choose to pre-order the game will gain early access starting on May 3rd.

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