Pacific Rim: Jaeger Combat Simulator – Blast Kaiju Comfortably From Your Broswer


There’s still a handful of days left until Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming epic Pacific Rim hits theaters, but those who can’t wait for the film can now step into the massive shoes of the film’s signature Jaegers and fight the Kaiju monsters themselves – all from the comfort of their own home.

The Pacific Rim game is playable from your browser of choice, giving players the option of piloting one of the pre-created Jaegers or creating their own robot. Creating and arming your own custom Jaeger is certainly worth it – even if it requires linking your Facebook account – as choosing your own weapons to defend the world adds serious enjoyment to the game.

Upon selecting or creating a Jaeger, players will pilot the robot across five different battlefields. These levels take inspiration from the upcoming film and have players battling against the deep-sea monsters.

As far as browser games go, Pacific Rim is a blast. Slicing and shooting the Kaiju in a 300-foot tall Jaeger is an experience that, while clunky at first, has a surprising amount of depth to it. The game’s visuals are nothing to write home about, but for a browser game, they are certainly passable.

Check the game out here, and prepare to save the world.

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