Pacific Rim’s Sins Exposed: Jaeger’s Use Inception Music

Kaijus present humans with an extinction event

Kaijus present humans with an extinction event

No movie is safe from the CinemaSins YouTube channel. Their latest victim is Pacific Rim, and based on the length of the parody, it’s a film full of sin.

The whole portal between worlds in the pacific ocean gets torn apart, Charlie Hunnam’s narrations are shouted at, and the kill count of the first Kaiju invasion is called into question. They even pick on Pacific Rim for using a classic line from a Star Wars film! It’s safe to say that the CinemaSins crew just doesn’t like anything in Pacific Rim, which is about the norm for passionate geeks. For some reason we always have to fine something to bitch about or pick on. It’s impossible to please us all, as is evident in the cinema sins of Pacific Rim parody down below. Give it a look to find out just how many issues del Toro’s Kaiju film featured.

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