Paparazzi Got You Down? S’leb Suit ‘Em

I’m usually not a big fan of well produced Internet bits, but the infomercial for the S’leb Suit is worthy of a look.  For my slower readers this is a skit made for HBO’s ‘Teenage Papparazzo’, it’s not real you gullible knuckle-heads.  I don’t feel bad for Celebs at all when it comes to being harassed in public.  You pretty much have to sacrifice your personal life if you choose to sell your soul and become a Demi-God (Celeb) in Hollywood.  It’s just part of being famous.  It’s not as glamorous as being treated like royalty, or being able to bang anything you want to, but it’s part of the package.

HBO has created the S’leb Suit for this unfortunate aspect of fame.  Think of a silver Hazmat suit with hood.  I’d love to see Hollywood filled with Celebs wearing this suit.  It would definitely spell an end to the Paparazzi problem, and maybe some of those celebrity rags would go away.  Check it out below!  My favorite is the sleb strip for those nights when you don’t feel like wearing underwear.  You’ve been given your personal life back…


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