‘Paragon’ Gameplay Video Showcases the Lethal Accuracy of Sparrow

Paragon uploaded a video last week highlighting Feng Mao, a terrifying polearm-wielding fighter, but they certainly didn’t stop there. Sparrow is the most recent focus of their Gameplay Highlights series, and she’s giving the awesome Mao some healthy competition in the bad-ass department.

Sparrow plays the Ranger role well, sacrificing speed and mobility for heavily increased damage with her trusty bow and arrows. Single-target damage will continually increase if Sparrow can stick to her target, but she has a few multi-target skills that grant her the ability to more effectively deal with the chaos on the battlefield. Her arrows can pierce through targets, rain from the sky, and even split themselves into three directions for ultimate coverage.

Aiming is paramount. While Feng Mao creates a whirlwind of AoE damage, Sparrow seems equally intimidating when her player-controlled accuracy stays consistent. She may not be as mobile as she looks, but any victim on the receiving end of her arrows will tell you of that fact’s irrelevancy. She’s a worthy foe that you’ll wish was on your side of the fight.

If you’d like a closer look at Sparrow’s abilities, you can view her current statistics below (work-in-progress).


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