‘Paragon’ Hero Reveal: Sevarog, the Soul-Stealing Tank

Sevarog aims to be Paragon‘s new king of the jungle upon his release. Between siphoning souls to further increase his own strength and applying pretty major crowd control to his enemies, Sevarog brings death and positioning the battlefield.

Siphon is his main ability for farming minions in lane. Use this to last hit enemies to quickly gain soul stacks — each stack increases Siphon’s damage, allowing Sevarog to kill enemy minions more quickly, and thus gain more stacks. Phantom Rush can close the gap on any enemies trying to escape, or used to get out of a sticky situation. This level of mobility adds a ton of utility when combined with Subjugate, an AoE ability that roots enemies in place and reduces their movement speed. When used correctly Sevarog can catch unsuspecting enemies by surprise, giving his team time to catch up and take advantage of the situation.

Colossal Blow is Sevarog’s ultimate, and an incredibly useful one at that. Upon use, Sevarog swings his hammer in a wide arc knocking back any enemies within range. This can be used to effectively save a teammate, or even isolate an enemy into your team to secure a kill.

March 29th marks the release of Sevarog. Epic Games has touted a new hero to be released every three weeks — if this is just the beginning, Paragon players are in for some pretty quality additions to the roster.

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