‘Paragon’ Releases Explosive Gameplay Footage Featuring Howitzer

Paragon has been actively promoting itself with footage of each playable character showing off their skills on the battlefield. Feng Mao and Sparrow already had their turn; now it’s time for Howitzer to prove his explosive mettle.

As an energy damage-based Caster, Howitzer focuses on hefty repositioning and impressively large explosions to bring down his opponents. His grenades have the ability to slow their victims, allowing for Howitzer to better line up his cannons and rockets for a much deadlier shot. Detonating a certain explosive can be used offensively to damage and knock away an opponent’s attempt at assault; however, it can simultaneously be utilized to knock Howitzer away from a dangerous situation. When all else fails, Howitzer has the ability to launch himself into the air and release a massive volley of bombs from his mech. And yes, the jet pack is included.

If you’d like more information on Howitzer’s stats and abilities, look no further than below. These official assets are a work-in-progress as the footage above is captured from Paragon‘s Alpha testing; much can change from now until release. Regardless of possible alterations, one fact will remain true: Howitzer is a beast.


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