Parkour Art: Slow Motion Freerunning Video Shot on the Red Epic

I’ve always been interested in the art of freerunning/parkour even though I will never be able to fling my stubby a*s around as gracefully as the pros do (might still be able to do a forward roll or a half-a*sed cartwheel).  It’s such an amazing sport that truly needs to be seen by the masses.  A YouTuber by the name of pwnisher has put out one of the most mesmerizing free running videos of all time, and I think it’s solid evidence for my argument that this sport is one amazing feat of athleticism!

By filming the video on the Red Epic they were able to record the footage at 300fps making it look as if the freerunner’s body didn’t have to comply with the laws of physics.  It’s a surprisingly relaxing video to watch considering it’s about some dudes flipping their bodies over day to day obstacles that inhabit metropolitan areas. I found Zen by watching it, so check it out below and behold the art of freerunning!  You’ve been wishing you weren’t a pussy…

Tru Freedom (Slow Mo Freerunning)

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